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Korea Chongshindae's Institute

(*Korean term for the women drafted for military sexual slavery by Japan during theJapanese colonial period.)

WE ARE . . .

The only private research institute in Korea which aims at research on the Chongshin -dae issues. Since our establishment in July 1990, our voluntary research staff has been devoted to disclosing the truth about the Chongshindae, which, for half a century after the Second World War, had been neglected, and thus to bringing forth a correct understanding and appropriate solutions to the consequent problems.

The institute's activities mainly include research on the suffering Halmoni*, research on materials related to the 'military comfort women', education and publicity on these matters, and projects in coalition with relevant social organizations.(*Korean term generally meaning grandmother, but here specifically referring to the old 재man victims of Chongshindae.)

WE DO . . .

Investigation & Research Activities

  • Investigation into the real status of the Chongshindae victims, living in Korea and overseas
  • Discovery of and research on relevant materials.

    Publication Activities
  • Case studies based on verbal testimony from the victims
  • Research papers on the 'comfort women' in the Japanese military.
  • Handbooks on the issue for general readers.
  • Other relevant materials and data.

    Academic Activities
  • Seminars and symposia for relevant researchers.

    Education & Publicity Activities
  • Developing educational programmes for personnel concerned with the issue.
  • Support for public lectures on relevant issues.
  • Publication of a monthly newsletter of the Institute from 1998.
  • Operating a resource room for 'comfort women' research.
  • Setting up a home page on the Internet.

    Coalition Activities
  • Coalition with 'Chong-Dae-Hyup' (The Korean Council for Women Drafted for
    Military Sexual Slavery by Japan) and 'The House of Sharing'.
  • Participation in the 'Wednesday Demonstration' in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul, since its beginning in January 1992.

Support for the project to establish the 'Memorial Center for Comfort Women in the Japanese Military'. (tentative title)


Established as 'Chongshindae Research Group'.

Began support activities for 'Chong-Dae-Hyup'.
Supported activities for collecting Chongshindae victim report.

Collected testimony from about 20 live victims, including Kim, Hak-Soon Halmoni.
Participated in the 1st Asian Women's Solidarity Conference in Seoul.

Published the 1st volume of testimony: in Korean, titled 강제로 끌려간 조선인 군위안부들; English translation titled True Stories of the Korean Comfort Women published in 1995 by Cassell, London.
Participated in Korean-Japanese United Conference.

Visit to Wu-han area in China; researched actual status of live victims and collected testimony from them.
Supplied research materials for international activities.

Published 중국으로 끌려간 조선인 군위안부들 (Stories of the Korean Comfort Women Brought Into China).
Held the academic seminar, 'An Unresolved Problem of the Japanese Colonial Period'.
Published a report on the status of the 'comfort women' in the Japanese military.

Collected testimony for the 2nd volume of 강제로. . . (True Stories. . .).
Participated in the 4th Asian Women's Solidarity Conference in Manila, the Philippines.

Published the 2nd volume of testimony: 강제로 끌려간 조선인 군위안부들 (True Stories. . . vol. 2).
Published 한일간의 미청산 과제 (An Unresolved Issue Between Korea and Japan).
Submitted many articles to 일본군 위안부 문제의 진상 (The Truth About Comfort Women in the Japanese Military)
Visit to Cambodia for collecting testimony from Hoon Halmoni.
Held a training workshop for counsellors for the victims
Renamed as 'Korean Research Institute for Chongshindae' and moved to the present center.

Cooperated with the Military Sexual Slavery Museum by the House of Sharing
Collected testimony for the 2nd volume of 강제로. . . (True Stories. . .).

Published the 3rd volume of testimony: 강제로 끌려간 조선인 군위안부들 (True Stories. . . vol. 3).

We are going to publish 일본군 '위안부' 문제 바로 알기 : Toward a Correct Understainding of the Comfort Women Issue, the 2nd volume of Stories of the Korean Comfort Women
Brought Into China) and the 4th volume of testimony in 2000.

WE NEED . . .

Understanding and support from you. For our ultimate goal, that is to find just solutions to the Chongshindae problems, it is essential that we complete fundamental research: to locate live victims and collect testimony from them. This necessitates visits and interviews with live Halmoni in many areas, both domestic and abroad. Though domestic research has fortunately marked a few achievements, overseas cases still wait to be discovered.

The Japanese government's negligence of the issue, especially, makes it more difficult but essential for us, whose nation was the primary victim, to collect all available evidence as soon as possible. (Sadly enough, most Halmoni are very old.)

We need help from you. We would sincerely appreciate your support, small or large. Contact us at the following address, and we will send you information about how you can help.

Korean Institute for Chongshindae*
(*Korean term for the women drafted for military sexual slavery by Japan)
Rm.705 Sinkwang B/D 121-81, Dangsan-Dong Youngdeungpo-Ku, Seoul, Korea

TEL 02-2672-3304

FAX 02-2672-3305

E-mail : RCSD2659@chol.com